Laboratory of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

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Methods of theoretical and mathematical physics and their applications in quantum field theory, strong interactions theory, and condensed matter physics
Project annotation: 

The project purpose is development of new general methods of nonlinear models research in the field of quantum theory and applications in modern theoretical physics. As well as, problems of physics of high energy and cosmology (including a problem of combined and stable interactions formation in the quantum field theory), problems of general view calibration theories quantization (including not variation models and theories with the highest spins and derivatives), problems of the theory of strong interactions, and also the problems connected with integrability of classical and quantum systems will be investigated. Also some problems of the condensed state quantum theory connected with studying of metals and alloys electronic structure with hydrogen absorption will be investigated. Interaction of charged particles beams with solid-state targets and intensive electromagnetic fields will be studied.

Laboratory head: 
Lyakhovich Simon Leonidivich
Area of scientific interests: quantum field theory, quantization methods.
Recent publications: 

The main publications in 5 years:

  1. Kaparulin D.S., Lyakhovich S.L., Sharapov A.A. Local BRST cohomology in (non)-Lagrangian field theory, JHEP. – 2011. – V. 09. - N 006 (33 p).
  2. Kaparulin D.S., Lyakhovich S.L., Sharapov A.A. Consistent interactions and involution, JHEP.- Volume 2013, Issue 1, 2013, Article number 097.
  3. O Francia D., Lyakhovich S.L., Sharapov A.A. Оn the gauge symmetries of Maxwell-like higher-spin Lagrangians, Nucl Phys B. 2014.  Vol. 881. P. 248-268.
  4. Lyakhovich S.L., Sharapov A.A. Multiple choice of gauge generators and consistency of interactions, Mod. Phys. Lett. A. -  2014.  - Vol. 29, - № 31. - P. 1450167.
  5. Kaparulin D.S., Lyakhovich S.L., Sharapov A.A. Classical and quantum stability of higher-derivative dynamics, European Physical Journal. - Vol.C74. 2014. No.3072. -P.1-19.


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Тел.: +7 913 826 2163


Conditions of work in the scientific collective: 

Signing of an employment contract, six-day working week and two months of vacation, providing full social package, performance of obligatory reporting indicators, possibility of participation application for the faculty in TSU, participation in joint projects and grants, the workplace, access to the Internet and resources of the TSU Scientific library.

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Job Requirements: 

1. The academic degree is the candidate of science or PhD.

2. Basic knowledge in the field of the quantum field theory.

3. Experience of research work in the field of classical and quantum electrodynamics.

4. Experience of research work in the international research centers.