Laboratory of Quantum Theory of Intense Fields

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Quantum effects in intense external fields
Project annotation: 

Study of the quantum effects originating in intense fields of the different nature – electromagnetic, gravitational, Yang-Mills ones, etc. – is proposed. This includes, in particular, radiation by the charged particles, creation of the electron-positron pairs by ultra-intense fields from vacuum, evolution of neutrino while passing the highly inhomogeneous media, quantum-gravitational effects in cosmology of the early and present Universe, etc. The respective theoretical studies embrace construction of the exact solutions of relativistic wave equations with a definite background, quantization of the field models with an intense background and/or non-linearity in vacuum and in medium in terms of the appropriate quasi-particles, and also general development of the quasi-classical methods in relativistic quantum mechanics, quantum field theory and gravitation. Application of the non-perturbative methods of the quantum field theory with the intense background to the physics of condensed matter, in particular to the physics of graphene and other nanostructures, appears as one of the most topical areas of investigation.

Laboratory head: 
Gitman Dmitri Maximovitch, Professor, Doctor in Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)
The area of scientific interests is theoretical physics that includes quantum field theory with external backgrounds, general theory of constrained systems and their quantization, exact solutions of the relativistic wave equations, theory of self-adjoint extensions, path integrals, group theory in relativistic quantum mechanics and field theory, semiclassical methods and coherent states, etc. For more information see personal homepage and site of the laboratory
Recent publications: 

1. M. Dvornikov, D.M. Gitman, Canonical quantization, path integral representations, and pseudoclassical description of massive Weyl neutrinos in external backgrounds, Phys. Rev D 87, 025027 (2013) [9 pages]

2. M. Dvornikov, S.P. Gavrilov, D.M. Gitman, Creation of Dirac neutrinos in a dense medium with a time-dependent effective potential, Phys. Rev. D 89, 105028 (2014)

3. T. C. Adorno, D. M. Gitman, A. E. Shabad, Electric charge is a magnetic dipole when placed in a background magnetic field, Phys. Rev. D 89, 047504 (2014)

4. R. Fresneda, D.M. Gitman, A.E. Shabad, Photon propagation in noncommutative QED with constant external field, arXiv:1501.04987 [hep-th], Phys. Rev. D 91, 085005 (2015)

5. S.P. Gavrilov, D.M. Gitman,  Quantization of charged fields in the presence of critical potential steps, arXiv:1506.01156  [hep-th] (2015)

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Conditions of work in the scientific collective: 

Labor agreement based on a six-day working per week and two months of vacation, ensuring full social security. Compliance with mandatory reportable indicators (including at least three publications indexed by Scopus and Web of Science annually), teaching at the department of quantum field theory and theoretical physics up to 6 hours per week or working with students and graduate students. Participation in seminars on theoretical physics, opportunity to participate in a competition for vacant positions as a staff at TSU. Working on another organizations, universities, companies, etc. are not acceptable within the terms of the project.

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Job Requirements: 

In addition to the standard conditions (, it is required experience and performance of competitive projects in the field of theoretical and mathematical physics.